Congratulations – You have just bought a product combo that is virtually indestructible.

But, if you want to keep it in prime condition, you should follow these guidelines:

The Pizza Steel:

  • When you receive The Pizza Steel, the first thing you should do, is to seal it by treating it with a fine/thin even layer of rapeseed or olive oil and heating it in your oven at 250ºC/482ºF for about 60-90 minutes. This will give it basic rust protection and make it easier to clean it after use.
  • Always keep your Pizza Steel dry. If for some reason you need to wash it, or you just want to give it a deep rinse, remember to not let it air-dry. Instead dry it in your heated oven, and then re-seal it with a new layer of oil, followed by heat.
  • However, if possible you should avoid washing it with water. A hard brush is often enough to clean the steel.
  • With time, your Pizza Steel will become darker and darker. This is prove to the world, that you use it, and will (if anything) only improve your results – so be proud of it.

The Pizza Peel:

  • The Pizza Peel is made of solid aluminium.
  • Aluminium is a lightweight, sturdy material.
  • It isn’t, however, scratch proof, so finding some markings on your Pizza Peel when unboxing it is to be expected and will in no way influence its baking capabilities. In time, after extensive use, it will change from a glossy to a matte surface. Again – this will not in any way influence your baking results.
  • Cleaning the Pizza Peel is easy: simply place it in plenty of water and let it soak for a while, before removing any dough.
  • Remember that aluminium (and the same applies to tin foil) must never come into direct contact with acidic foods. This is because the acid will destroy the aluminium, releasing bad stuff from it into the acidic foods. If you remember this rule there is absolutely no reason to be concerned.