About us - The Pizza Steel Company Ltd

The Pizza Steel Company Ltd is run by us, a small "hyggelig" Danish family, consisting of Brian (dad), Tina (mum), Isabella and Sophia.

Dad (Brian) founded the original Danish company early 2015, and after a road trip across the UK early 2016, The Pizza Steel Company Ltd was born. 

The reason why we decided to establish a UK base, was the desire to offer similar prices and service (fast free shipping and free returns) to a growing number of UK customers, as we were already offering our Danish customers.

To make things simpler, we decided that our fulfillment partner in Milton Keynes would forth on be responsible for supplying The Pizza Steel to all European countries (except Denmark).

We strongly believe in the power of treating our customers well. In fact 80% of our total sales come from customers recommending The Pizza Steel to friends and family!