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Excellent product
"I used to use a pizza stone and I find the iron much better, it gets temperature faster and it doesn't absorb dropped food. I baked a cheesecake and it dropped some stuff on the stone and now it produces a lot of smoke and smell each time I use it. That doesn't happen with the iron stone."
Miguel Gonzalez
Pizza steel is a steal
"Good pizza cooked on the steel "
Enda Quinn
Pizza Steel Combo
"I have just used my new pizza steel for the first time and I am very pleased with the results. The ordering process was very easy and I received my steel very quickly. I look forward to perfecting my pizzas using my new steel and my new book, The Elements of Pizza by Ken Forkish."
Tracey Whitfield
Works as a griddle too!
"We have had an awesome time cooking on our steel since it came. The pizza is stunning, of course, but the rye bread, Georgian cheese bread (khachapuri!—check out a recipe online and give this a go!), are all things we just couldn’t have even cooked without it. Plus, turns out it makes a pretty sweet griddle for French toast too."
Thatcher, Finland
Absolutely brilliant
"I’ve been making pizzas from scratch since 2002 and this produces by far the most consistent and bubbly underneath I’ve ever had! Well worth the cost and given its quality and weight, unless I leave it in my bathtub to rust, it’ll last a lifetime. Thank you!"
Shamim Ashraf, London
Foccacia too!
"Pleased to say the Pizza Steel makes amazing pizza for us, just as it seems it does for everybody else. Also made incredible focaccia: the intense heat you get from the steel made the wet, oily dough cook all the way through, but quickly, so you get an amazing bubbly rise as it cooks. Crispy, crunchy thin crust, with light, oily, bubbly centre."
Louis, Bristol
Love the peels
"Works just as advertised, great service as well. The peels are a nice touch!"
Dian Chen, London
Completely recommended
"I bought this for baking sourdough bread. It definitely outperforms even a heavy pizza stone and I’m delighted with it. I can recommend getting the pizza peels with it too, they are great for getting loaves into the oven and you know that your dough is going to fit on the stone. Funnily enough, I haven’t used it for pizza yet, but I can predict the results will be excellent. Definitely a purchase that I’m glad to have made and completely recommended."
Colin Angel, Sutton
Happy with the product
"I’m really happy with the product since i have been wanting one for about a year now because I got fed up with pizza stones which would eventually break. Only place i was able to find similar product was from US and shipping costs from there was too much so i was really happy that i was able to get pizza steel from europe with fee shipping which is huge plus because these things are heavy and probably expensive to ship. When i finally received my pizza steel I was surprised that it performed a lot better than traditional pizza stone when making pizza by reducing baking time and giving better crust. Few minor negative things I must mention is that my pizza steel didn’t come with smooth surface. Both sides of the steel seems to be sand blasted and has the same texture but it doesn’t bother me. Also the combi peels are a little bit hard to use because my oven is narrow and deep (propably most ovens in Finland are) so i can’t use the bent edge to hold the peel. The dough cutter came with protective plastic film which was kind of hard to remove because the logo was stamped through the film so the film was cut in to little pieces and those pieces had to be removed with tweezers. All those negatives are just minor things for me so I would definitely recommend pizza steel for anyone who is seeking surface to bake their pizzas or breads."
Anssi Kesänen, Finland
Crisp pizzas
"The Pizza Steel is possibly the best utensil I have ever bought for the kitchen. Not cheap, and would be improved by the addition of a case of some sort to store it in, such as the Baking Steel has in the USA. ( I bought an A3 artists portfolio case which the large size Steel fits into, just about!) That said, it produces wonderful pizzas, in no more than 31/2 – 4 minutes, crisp beneath, and sumptuous. On only its second use, my wife declared that her pizza was ‘just like Little Wings’, which is our local Italian pizzeria. I was happy enough with that comment !!! A tip for fellow users – don’t use a large oven if you have a choice, I use my small top oven, put in the steel, and run it at 250 C fan for 40 minutes before cooking. Perfect results!"
Rod Trower, Bangor, Wales
Higly recommended
"I can highly recommend the pizza steel if you’re into baking bread. This far I’ve had amazing results with all types of bread from light yeast based bread to massive sourdough loafs. I’ve even used it to bake very authentic naan bread. A great add on is getting fiberglass baking paper to use together with the combi peel. Makes it super easy to get the bread on to the steel."
Gustav Vidlund, Sweden
Higly recommended
"I got my steel just after christmas and have used it about once a month since then. I was initially hesitant whether to buy one, as they are considerably more expensive than your average stone. However, I have to say that the results have been simply fantastic, and completely transformed the quality of my homemade pizzas. I’ve cooked a couple of times for big groups of people and it’s some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. Cooking in 3-5 mins and barely any time needed between pizzas. I’d also recommend getting a metal peel. It’s massively reduced the number of burns on my hands. Overall I’m very happy and would highly recommend."
Nick Rhodes, Lemington Spa
Received it in just a few days!
"I bought this pizzasteel for breadbaking, the additional heat from the steel plate gives better result and more ‘ovenspring’. The steel plate is very heavy so I usally leave it in the oven on a lower shell. The order process was very fast, I received my order in just a few days"
Wendy, Netherlands
"Great piece of kit, made the difference between good pizza and great pizza! Would happily recommend to friends, and have already done so."
Michelle Woods, Axbridre
Much better than stone
"Like others I bought this after some research to replace a cracked stone. It is much better than the stone. The pizza’s cook in about 4 – 5 minutes in my oven which goes up to 275C and the results are fantastic just the way we like them thin and crispy.Very happy with the product highly recommended!"
Jim Griffiths, Andover
Totally reliable
"Really great. I replaced a stone that had cracked at 230c. This pizza steel makes a better pizza base and totally reliable and working in a really hot over. I wish mine went over 250c!"
JJ, Reigate
Pizzas in 4 minutes!
"Superb product. Now making pizzas in 4 minutes, which are way better than with a baking stone!"
Chris, Petersfield
Definately worth its price
"An absolutely amazing product. You can think the transition from a ceramic pizza stone to a pizza steel very similar to the transition from a traditional baking pan to a ceramic pizza stone. The difference is obvious. With pizza steel it is possible to bake restaurant level pizza al taglio and very good pizza napoletana in home oven. Just remember to preheat the steel properly. In my oven about 45 minutes in 300 °C with the last 15 minutes with broiler is needed. In addition to excellent baking results, I love the fact that a small dribble of cheese or tomato sauce won’t make it crack. It may feel slightly expensive, but is definitely worth its price!"
Niilo Latva-Pukkila, Finland
Fast and easy to use
"Excellent results. The limited heat of normal electric oven is solved by the pizza steel. The result is very close to stone oven. It is fast and easy to use. Highly recommended. Measure your oven to have the right size."
Pasi, Finland
..makes all the difference!
"What a great product. I’d heard great things about pizza steels in general so I took a punt on this and I’m really glad I did. I’ve used it several times in the last week and it really has transformed my pizzas – they are actually crispy now! The peels are also useful and make for easy transfer to the oven and can even be placed into the oven directly on to the steel if the dough is a little too sticky and won’t slide off. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for higher quality pizzas at home, it makes all the difference."
Tim, Holland
Makes all the difference
"What a great product. I’d heard great things about pizza steels in general so I took a punt on this and I’m really glad I did. I’ve used it several times in the last week and it really has transformed my pizzas – they are actually crispy now! The peels are also useful and make for easy transfer to the oven and can even be placed into the oven directly on to the steel if the dough is a little too sticky and won’t slide off. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for higher quality pizzas at home, it makes all the difference."
Ross Young, Sittingbourne
02/12/2016 the next level!
"Excellent, quality product. Has really taken my Pizza’s to a new level!"
Donald, Bo’ness (Scotland)
Tremendous product!
"Absolutely tremendous product. Having previously been through two pizza stones in very quick succession (both cracked after one use just by opening the over door!) I was delighted to be alerted by a colleague to the pizza steel. I have only used it once so far but was fantastic. Produced a batch of top quality pizzas and then was easy to clean and store. Be aware though that it is a very heavy piece of kit but I have no concerns of the longevity of the product. My recommendation would be to stop thinking and just buy it."
Liam, Leicester
My family loves it
"I love the pizza steel! I haven’t quite got my dough recipe right yet so haven’t been able to slide the pizza directly on to the steel (even with plenty of flour my dough has been too wet) so I’ve cooked the pizza on the paddle, on the steel. It puffs up beautifully at the edges and cooks quickly. Rave reviews from the family."
Laura Hardwick, Woodbridge
Fast shipping
"Excellent heavy duty product for a great pizza char compared to standard pizza stones. Expedient shipping. Highly recommended."
Frank, Portugal
Good quality products
"Hi, good fast delivery ,good quality products . Have had a good use of the steel for my bread and pizza making , the results have come out top notch , I use Italian pizza flour with a polish the taste and crust come out spot on , bread has a nice brown crust all over , the steel really does a good job it’s moved my baking up to the next level . Try these Dutch bakers really good recipes. Thanks Graham ."
Graham Perry, Chester
Excellent pizza
"This has been a fantastic purchase. It was a present for my husband who has been very happy with the results he has achieved. It really helps to get heat required for excellent pizza. Also they were very helpful regarding delivery."
Melinda Lowther-Le Feuvre, St Clement, Jersey
Highly recommended
"Excellent product – does what it promises and is consistent in providing a great crust for pizza in a home oven. Also brings down the total cooking time for a pizza down to about 4 minutes when using in combination with maxed out broiler. Highly recommended."
Ilkka Savolainen, Finland
An absolute must!
"An excellent product and great service. If you want the best home-baked pizza possible, then buy one now! You can find great artisan pizza recipes at – that’s the website that first convinced me to get a baking steel. A absolute must!"
Matt Firth, Conchester
"I only see two downsides to the product: 1) You’ll have to season your baking steel yourself and smoke up your house. I’d love it if this was done in the factory instead. 2) The combi peels are pre-bent on the long side, rather than the short one. This means you can’t use the bend as a handle when working in a deep oven. Now that I got the minor issues out of the way, I only have one thing to say: These are amazing!"
Václav Vymazal, Czech Republic