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Amazing results
"I have owned many pizza stone over the years, and this is by far the best one. I have made 4 pizzas over the past week, all with perfect results. The best part is that the steel both heats up much quicker than a stone, but also seems to retain the heat very well - especially important when I make more than one pizza. All in all: great!!"
Christian Gomnaes
Great results so far. Pizzas
"Great results so far. Pizzas have been excellent and bread has turned out so well that I'm baking more than ever. "
Shane Johnson
Excellent for the steel
"Yes baking steel is very good product, and i am very happy with results. Price and delivery cost are good (and no import tax😀) Both cutter and peel are poorly finnished ( 2 min job to round with sandpaper) and there was big dent on peel when it arrived."
Samu Väisänen
Finally good pizza in home oven
"No problems with delivery, no fear of items breaking as its a steel plate :D"
Ossi Kaakkola
"Made amazing pizza, bread and quesadillas. One of the best buys I've made. "
Riccardo Ressa
Excellent product and customer service
"Its part of the family!!"
Noeleen Burrows
Better than any stone
"It has been really brilliant! It’s great to finally get pizza with a nice crispy base - no stone I have ever had ever really cooked the base effectively. Also used this to bake some bread which was also very successful. The dough cutters and peels also are very useful. Excellent product - this has actually delayed me buying a wood fired oven!"
Darren Heather
Thank God!
"I must have spent over £500 on various pizza stones over the past years which have been totally useless. I am a home baker and have been desperate and miserable over the pizza results I have had. Let me say that this steel whilst heavy is a godsent from heaven above!!!!! First results were brilliant and I'm so excited to develop my recipes now that I have a proper surface to bake it on!!! Thank you Pizzasteel! "
Petra Fischer
happy with my purchase
"Very swift (and rather cheap) delivery (I live in Belgium) and the product itself really makes a difference when making pizza. I have had a pizza stone in the past, but was never really happy with the results it got me, not so with the pizza steel, great results! A bit expensive for what is essentially 'just' a slab of steel, but I'm confident it'll last me a long time, combined with the excellent service I feel I got my money's worth."
Pieter Van Der Helst
Buy one….
"….they're brilliant!"
Matt Case
"Excelent, higly recomended."
Ljiljana Aversa Vorkapic
The Baking Combo
"Excellent pieces of kitchen utilities!!! Highly recommended for anyone interested in baking and home made pizza aficionados. "
Akos Szederjei
"Bought this in order to try and replicate restaurant quality pizzas in a home oven and it has been a great success. Clearly it's a thick slab of steel so it's very heavy to move around - not a one handed job to put it in and out of the oven, that's for sure! But it does exactly what it says - holds the heat really well, gives a direct source of heat to the base of whatever you're baking and produces excellent pizzas. "
Claire D'Arcy
Very good for bread and pizza Banking
"There is a significant difference between bread baking stone and this pizza steel. Faster in heating up and better baking. But till now i didn't manage to bake pizza in less than 8 minutes..."
Eckhard Behr
Good but can be more polished
"The main baking steel is of good weight so heat can be maintained quite well. The small stainless steel pizza cutter isn't that useful and the edges are a bit rough. Overall it is quite good, but the pictures on the website look more polished than the actual product."
My new Pizza Steel!
"I have so far used a 1 inch worktop saver in granite stone as my pizza stone, but the Pizza Steel takes up less space, heats up quicker and retains a higher temperature, more in line with the max temperature of my oven (which makes a difference since mine only go to 250 C.) It is also nice to know that I now have a "stone" that will not break. Overall, I am happy. It was not the cheapest of products, but the service, both before and after the purchase was top and the delivery was pain-free and very quick and it made me accept the price, no problem. I bought the baking combo, but have so far not used it although that may change in the future. Many thanks, looking forward to more you tube videos in the future!"
Erling Bjornsen
Lovely Stuff
"Great steel, fits my new wood burning oven like a glove and makes awesome pizza. Thank you for great service with a smile from the pizza steel team too. Andy"
Andrew Smith
excellent product
"top drawer stuff."
david o connor
Great pizza's
"I have a wood burning oven in the garden but when it's just the wife and I it's too much of a bother to fire it up. The solution is the pizza steel. Fantastic pizza in six minutes,many thanks."
David Rock
Pizza Steel
"It took me a couple of goes to figure out how long to preheat the steel with my oven, but now i have that, my pizzas are coming out great. Now its all about making them as big as i can fit on the tray. "
Martin Satchell
Great product, even better customer service!
"I bought my pizza steel after years of making my own pizzas and wanting to get better crust - I think most people fall in this group. As any other review of the product will tell you, this product definitely achieves this. I had a minor issue upon receiving my steel where I used too much oil when sealing the product (you need only use only the thinnest of layers!!) which resulted in a tacky greasy surface. I contacted Pizza Steel to clarify their instructions and they responded almost instantly with very clear clarifications on their original instructions and advice on how to clean and re-treat my steel. They were incredibly responsive and helpful, especially considering the product issue was entirely my fault. If you're looking for a good alternative to a baking stone, definitely get this product it does everything they say it will. Also, know that you will be getting attentive and efficient customer care. "
Federico Espinosa
Pizza Steel - Baking Combo
"Brilliant. Restaurant style pizzas from oven at home. "
James Rankin
Like a pizza stone, but does not break!
"Cooked some great homemade pizza!"
Daniel Parascandalo
Great Product
"Would not hesitate to recommend this to others. Great results. Best crusts I've ever achieved in a domestic oven, without doubt. Looking forward to testing it with bread rather than just Pizza. "
Cameron Senior
Perfect Baking Combo
"Hi Brian, I used the combo now only 2 times and the result was perfect. I made Bread instead of pizza and found, preheating is much faster and the heat from the buttom is absolutely great. It was the right decision to order this perfect product. Thank you!!!"
Michael Schaefer
Pizza steel
"Ive bought the pizza steel for sourdough bread making and so far I couldnt be happier with the amazing results. Product is tge best, forget sbout ceramic stones that are cheaper but in the end even with the most careful use they always break, but this pizza steel wont just coat it with oil for first time as recommended and follow instructions and after like myself youll find yourself baking on it more and more because the end result either in baking bread or pizza making is just unbelievable."
Fabio Vieira
Very good
"I use it for beaking bread "
Volkmar Poetschke
Superior quality
"Excellent product. It is very heavy, that said its a product for life"
Marie Wilson
Perfect Steel to Bake
"Perfect to hake Pizza and bread. I Love it. "
Stephan Martin
Better pizza bases
"While I've yet to bake bread on the steel, I have made a couple of pizzas. The steel has cooked better pizza bases than all of the many other alternatives that I've tried over the years. I personally I still can't get the 'spotting' underneath regardless of preheating for 1 hour+ using a variety of grill/oven but ultimately I guess my UK oven does not get hot enough. Beware it is a VERY heavy bit of kit, and so I recommend you don't drop on your toe as I did if you want to keep your toe in one piece (the steel was fine though!!)"
Steve Wheeler