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Now I can can crispy pizza
"The shipping to Germany was very fast, the information about the delivery very good. The steel produced a little smoke during the first hour, but after then I made the best and crispy pizza ever. The steel is faster hot as my "backing-stone". Everything okay."
Sabine Dorn
The best
"I love it. I baked breads on it, and it is fantastic!"
Gancsne Vasas Tunde
The best pizzas in a conventional oven
"Excellent, especially if you follow the instructions. It leaves just one problem, making sure you get the dough right."
David Woodman
Easy and effective
"Moved from a very heavy granite baking stone to this. Much easier to use and more effective results. Higher oven spring, crispier pizza bases and super simple matching sized peels. A really great product to improve your bread and pizza at home. "
Robert Craig
Better than expected
"The Pizza Steel is an amazing product. It got here faster than tracking could keep up with and my first pizza on it turned out fantastic. My sourdough breads are also great paired with an iron cast cover. I was a bit sceptical with all the good reviews, but it really is a great product and the family making it is really great with quick responses to any questions. "
Lucija Frković
Excellent products
"I bought the combo for my husband as a Christmas present. He had been talking about getting a pizza stone. When I started looking for pizza stones I came across the steel. My husband used everything for the first time last weekend and was really impressed. He hasn't stopped thanking me for it. He found everything easy to use.. He liked the peels which meant he could prepare more than one pizza at a time which he couldn't before. He was particularly happy with the steel which produced a lovely crisp base even with wet toppings such as mozzarella and salami. He really enjoyed the end result and said it is what he has been trying to achieve for a long time. One very happy customer. I would definitely recommend there products. The customer service is also excellent. My peels were badly scratched. Within half an hour of notifying the company I had a response and replacements were on their way to me. The company is doing great great job."
Hayley Wilson
Just needed
"This was just what I needed for crisping the bottom of my pizzas. Seasoning (3 coats) was easy and has held up from four pizzas so far. Completely changed the way pizzas cook. Now they bubble and cook with a crunchier base"
Lesley Walter
Great product
"I watched many videos and read a lot about the pizza steel or baking steel and I was really forward to try it. Massive success! Did a party with 10 pizzas and were all great"
Pascale Krebs
xmas prezzi !
"Best pizza ever :-)"
Marie-Paule L'Heureux
Quite expensive but I had the best result with it
"My crust is finally thick and crusty using the steel plate. It is the most expensive bread equipment apart from my oven that I have. It's worth it though. I look forward to making artisan bread"
Ida Wong
Very satisfied with the Pizza Steel
"The Pizza Steel really makes a difference when baking a pizza at home! "
Renzo Lylon
Love it
"Love it. Great crispy based pizzas"
Nom Nom Nom
"Combining the Pizza Steel with recipes from The Pizza Bible have meant I can now create spectacular pizzas at home! My first 2 attempts resulted in lovely crisp bottoms and perfectly cooked pizza - can't recommend it highly enough :) "
Mark Jerrom
Pizza Steel for the win
"I was using a stone for a long while before I decided to give steel a try. I have to say, I love it. Easier to manage (lighter), easier to clean and a get a better crust with it."
Balazs Vegvari
Special offer
"Fantastic the package deal was also terrific value"
Andrew Warnock
Works like a charm - 5 stars as well for the team
"Germans and their bread... yes, I have always liked to make my own bread at home until I moved to London into an apartment with the worst oven I've had so far. Bread would never turn out and the pizzas were alright but far from perfectly crisp. The pizza steel makes a considerable difference. Before going into the pros and cons of the pizza steel (and paddles), I am giving this review the highest rating not only because I like the concept and because it works, but because the team (Brian) is super responsive and friendly. I respect family run businesses and would always prefer to support those over the big commercial ones. The bad news first: It is heavy! I quite like it as I feel like I deserve a pizza after all this exercise but my wife would have trouble manoeuvring it at all. It also needs to be sealed/seasoned with some olive oil - be prepared to have a smelly kitchen as this process does create a bit of smoke. The steel does not like water or cleaning agents as high carbon steel can rust (but you can scrub - see below). The good news: Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! And bread... finally! Joking aside, it does the job really well, creates a crispy bottom if pre-heated properly (I put my oven on broil/grill to get the steel piping hot) a nice spring and I have not had a single pizza that did not turn out well (I make them from fresh dough, haven't tried frozen yet). As for the paddle - they are pretty nice too. The pizza sticks a bit more than with wood but nothing that course semolina cannot fix (google the technique - it has revolutionised my pizza transfer skills). Next to everything working well, what I like most is that paddles and steel seem indestructible. It is more likely to break your foot than the steel when you accidentally drop it! You can use sandpaper to clean it (I asked whether it was treated - it's not... so scrub away (or use baking sheets)), the paddles are thin but seem quite sturdy (just as you want it, really) so I am sure this will last me a long, long time. At last, the size that I ordered fits the oven perfectly. I am overall very happy and would recommend it. "
Florian H.
Really fast delivery and great service
"As the title suggests really fast delivery and a great service, we were updated every step of the process. Great item as well, we've managed to crack two pizza stones previously but this one is invincible."
Victoria John
Scratched pizza peels
"I bought this for my husband's birthday so we only recently opened it and haven't used it yet as our kitchen has just been refitted. I would like it to be noted though that when my husband opened the pizza steel box, the pizza peels were both scratched and one of them quite badly so. Hopefully the steel itself is ok."
Jo Ingold
Expectations were high - Experience was higher
"Having recently got into pizza making and then bread making I did a lot of research on how to get the best results in a domestic oven. After looking at numerous UK and American 'tools and techniques' I eventually settled on the pizza steel. I'm so glad I did (so are my family). The pizzas are coming out with a lovely crisp base and crust within approx. 5/6 minutes. My bread is now getting that sought after initial oven spring and developing a nice crunchy crust. Highly recommended..."
John Nicholson
Great product !!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Great product !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Pizza Steel Combo
"Pizza Steel Combo"
Tomaz Fortuna
Brilliant bit of kit
"I have always been disappointed by pizza that came from my oven, even using a baking stone. I was never able to achieve a decent 'oven spring'. The pizza steel is amazing - I get a beautiful crust on my pizza with lots of lovely air pockets in the well risen crust. And now that I have moved to making sourdough bases I am in pizza heaven. Can’t wait to try making bread with it!"
Konrad Bishop
Almost as good as a wood fired oven
"A few years ago I built a large wood fired oven in the garden for making pizzas. The results are great and it has always had rave reviews but being in the garden, it's more of a summer thing. I have been interested in experimenting with making better dough and having had less than stellar results with pizza stones (cracked), I thought I would go for a pizza steel. Last week I cranked out 7 pizzas for some friends and I was really impressed with the results (that exceeded my expectations). The dough was spot on - really good and crispy, nicely browned and actually very close to what I get from the wood fired oven. The method of using baking parchment was new to me as well but worked flawlessly - it made things very simple and cut out any mess. This is simply a fantastic product and I really recommend it."
Nils Eastwood
Excellent for pizza baking
"Have tried the steel several times already and I'm extremely pleased. Excellent crust and really boosts the pizza experience."
Christian Berg Meland
Easter and Christmas at the same time :)
"One of my best friends usually used a Pizza stone and the result was (nearly) perfect. Then we found some Trailers/recommandations about the Pizza Steel and after the first Video only one joice remained: We have to buy a Pizza steel!! Right now!! To be honest, it was my first "selfmade" Pizza and the result for me was just great. Crusty edge, only 4 min. inside the ofen so the ingredients were fresh, and luscious. Looking Forward for tonight --> second try!! thanks a lot for this great Invention :)"
Michael Hunglinger
Real Pizza at home
"I enjoy making pizza and this addition to my recipe is the perfect tool. the pizza base is perfectly cooked and has a nice crisp to it. looking forward to many more uses."
Ross Martin
Got to love it!
"The crust is excellent and the plate is durable, I could not ask for more."
Jonathan Vauhkonen
Does the job
"Having had this for a few weeks now and using it for Neapolitan style pizza and bread, I can safely say you'll get a beautiful crust, bubbles and char marks - the steel really holds the heat well and the food will come out lovely. I can't however give it full marks because for what I consider a premium quality/non-essential product the finish on the product is quite poor. All the edges on all three things are very sharp, I will most definitely be taking some sandpaper to it at some point. Also, the engraving on the items isn't that great, with it bleeding through to the opposite side. I realise these are very minor points and I'm actually very happy with it because of the pizza! I just thought for something that should be of the highest calibre they are very simple things the company could fix in future steels/peels/cutters they manufacture. Cheers."
Marcus Lee
Huge improvement in my pizzas
"Fast delivery, good instructions with it. Didn't take long to season it and start using it and it's made a huge difference. If you are a fan of home made pizzas, you should definitly get one of these"
William Moffatt
Improved my pizza immediately
"Once the initial 'breaking in' of the steel has been done it is quick and easy to use - the quality of the pizza I make, and the speed at which it bakes, has noticeably improved (I was using a stone, and still use that for bread). Great pizza, and great customer service from Brian as well - definitely recommended if you can't quite get round to building a wood-fired brick oven in your kitchen."
Jonathan Lindsay