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A practical solution 4 crispy pizzas
"Fantastic....a step up from my old ceramic pizza stone and great for my sourdough...."
Nick Peters
Great results so far
"The steel works well for bread but I haven't tried pizza yet. I have managed to get a much better oven spring and lighter bread. The combination of the matching peels and the idea of using baking paper makes using the steel really easy. I use an IR thermometer to check the temperate of the steel before baking. "
Matthew Adams
Just what’s needed
"Only so far make a couple of pizzas but the (thin) bases cook perfectly - and quickly - and have a fantastic crisp base - way better than the (too many) pizza stones I’ve used and broken!"
Mark Wilson
Excellent stuff!
"The Pizza Steel arrived quickly and is of really high quality. All of the accessories work well as well. Cooking with the steel has dramatically improved both bread and pizza. The bread has a much higher oven bounce and the pizza finally has a crispy base, which I'd not managed to achieve before in my current oven. "
Matthew Bellringer
Great For Pizza Oven, But Not Recommended For Normal Oven
"I tested out the Pizza steel in my usual oven at home - to be honest it made no difference at all at 220 degrees celsius. However, the main reason I bought it was for my wood fired pizza oven built on my allotment. I have already broken 2 pizza stones, and thought the steel would work - and it does. The steel was heated to around 350 - 450 celsius (very hot) for 1 hour. The pizzas cooked in 2 minutes. In fact, the base of the pizza burnt to a crisp on a pizza we left for 3 minutes. Next time I’m going to heat the steel for less time - trial and error I guess, but pizzas tasted very authentic. So the steel works very well at high temperatures. Also, the pizzas are very easy to make on the combo steels, before transferring to the main oven steel. Expensive, but hopefully will last forever!"
Jason Shearer
So glad I took a chance and bought
"Bought the pizza steel to replace a split pizza stone,and thought I was chancing my arm.How wrong I was,this is one product that delivers more than it promises. I bake homemade bread and this has taken my bread to a new level. The pizzas are amazing as well never eaten so many,not a soggy base since. Well worth the money,and pretty sure it won't split in half as well."
andrew Dodgson
Does the job nicely.
"How did I manage to live without one of this? Works well for super crispy bottoms. "
Ricardo Zappa
Finished edges on sliders disappointing but steel good though
"Pizza steel itself is good id prefer it a bit wider for two large loaves personally. Was disappointed with edge finish on the two sliders as thought these would be milled down a bit more not sharp but have to take care in using either. Results so far been good for white and spelt sourdough and whole meal too great bases and even bakes with good structure"
Nigel Boden
Long lasting solution to soggy bottoms!
"I got the Pizza Steel deal including dough cutter and aluminium pizza peels. Great value. wtihin 2 hours of receiving delivery, I baked my first Pizza Steel pizza. Foccacia/deep crust style. Excellent results achieved with a firm and crispy crust and top without burning. All within 4-6 minutes. My oven 's max temp is 250celsius. I then baked a thin crust pizza. Also great results achieved within 2 minutes. Lastly , i made some naan style breads. Also great results. All in all, the pizza steels works as intended. It should last a life time. It takes 45 minutes to come to temperature. After using, it takes another hour or so to cool down. will try bread next!"
Phillip Phan
"It was great to get the pizza steel combo. The pizza steel itself is heavy, but I'm not very big or strong and I can easily manage the weight. Now the steel is building up the ' patina' and the pizzas are great, crispy bottomed! Thank you, it's a great product."
Monica Wadlow
Pizza bases
"Fab crispy pizza bases, thank you!"
Caroline Vivian
Pizza steel combo
"I got this to use in an Aga rather than cooking pizzas directly on the cast iron oven floor. It works brilliantly with the crust and toppings browning and cooking much more evenly than before without needing to be moved around in the oven."
Peter Collins
Fantastic product and great support!
"One of the best kitchen gadgets I've ever purchased. An absolute game-changer for making your own pizzas and so much more. Brilliant support from Brian when I raised a query with the company too. Very happy and would recommend the product and the company without hesitation. Have already bought a second as a gift and they're as pleased with theirs as I am with mine. :)"
Laurie Walker
Pizza steel
"Brilliant idea and the pizza's come out fantastic."
Kevin Mouncher
"I have tried for years to emulate the pizza's from our local Italian restaurant. Could never get the base crisp.I decided to invest in the steel as a last attempt at getting it right.Best money I have spent! Now have lovely crisp base pizza and they cook quicker than before. If you follow instructions for seasoning steel you will have perfect pizzas. I have an electric oven and my tip is to use top and bottom heat and whack the temperature up to 300C. Put the steel on a shelf slightly below middle. Once the oven is up to temperature wait 30 minutes. Put pizza on grease proof paper and put in oven. Very easy using Peels supplied. Pizzas will be ready in 5 to 6 minutes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"
Andrew Larbalestier
Definitely an improvement
"I have been waiting to test my new steel a few times before reviewing, and can now confirm that it definitely helps to bake a better. I use an old range with a ventilated gas oven and even at maximum heat with a long heated pizza stone, I was rarely able to get a browned bottom on my pizzas. Since buying the steel, I have made both pizza and bread and have noticed a crispier, browner bottom on both. Very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend."
Maja Herman
Excellent Product
"Fantastic stuff. I love using the pizza steel and enjoyed excellent customer service to boot."
Robin Held
Forget Ceramic Pizza Stones Buy The Real Deal!
"Excellent results in a Aga and I'm now trying it on a BIG Green Egg."
Paul Sellers
Great product
"I bought this for making bread and pizzas. I seasoned it as the instructions described and to my delight the first bread I made came out better than ever before with no sticking. It's very heavy so looking forwards to years of lovely crispy bread and pizzas! Thoroughly recommended. "
Graham Stone
"Fed up with stones cracking in the oven, we bought this for our Christmas instead of presents. Worth every penny - it's baking the best pizzas we have ever made; nicely spotty on the bottom, chewy and well risen inside and top perfectly melty - and this only takes about 6 minutes Buy one."
Elizabeth Wallace
Super produc
"Friendly and helpful order process. Great accompanying instructions. Have made some pretty good pizzas already!"
David Warnock
The Pizza Steel Company Ltd
"good. I'll do my pizza on weekly basis"
Gija Sulojevs
Cook the best � ever tasted in this country by far !!!
"I loved it it crisps the bottom which pizza stones don't do And with recepies from the pizza bible you will be blown away The best pizza you will taste in the country I recommend the pizza steel just better than mama used to make "
martin peter read
Pizza steel
"Excellent quality. Produces fantastically crisp pizza crusts and great for sourdough loaves. Better than a baking stone! "
Holly Carter
A lifetime investment
"I don’t only make homemade pizza using sourdough method I also do bread making and cake making at many different levels. i am not a professional I ve do this as a hobby. So I did a lot of research on the use of ceramic ties, stones and steels and finally decided on the latter. One as it would last the longest and secondly, how quickly it charges. I have used this several times since I have received this item which was less than a couple of weeks ago. I totally love it. My pizzas are cooked all the way through with a beautifully crunchy base, my breads get a good rise and no doughy centres to date so I am well pleased. I should highlight that it is important to use an oven thermometer as the steel does alter but it also regulates my current oven temperature. So I am well happy with my investment which included 2 peels and a quality dough cutter."
Now I can can crispy pizza
"The shipping to Germany was very fast, the information about the delivery very good. The steel produced a little smoke during the first hour, but after then I made the best and crispy pizza ever. The steel is faster hot as my "backing-stone". Everything okay."
Sabine Dorn
The best
"I love it. I baked breads on it, and it is fantastic!"
Gancsne Vasas Tunde
The best pizzas in a conventional oven
"Excellent, especially if you follow the instructions. It leaves just one problem, making sure you get the dough right."
David Woodman
Easy and effective
"Moved from a very heavy granite baking stone to this. Much easier to use and more effective results. Higher oven spring, crispier pizza bases and super simple matching sized peels. A really great product to improve your bread and pizza at home. "
Robert Craig
Better than expected
"The Pizza Steel is an amazing product. It got here faster than tracking could keep up with and my first pizza on it turned out fantastic. My sourdough breads are also great paired with an iron cast cover. I was a bit sceptical with all the good reviews, but it really is a great product and the family making it is really great with quick responses to any questions. "
Lucija Frković