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Fantastic product can recommend it
"Fantastic product can recommend it"
Bob Winckle
Excellent bit of kit
"I am well pleased with the Pizza Steel it holds the heat better than the oven stone I had before, it's a well-finished bit of kit. "
John Bateman
"I like it, it works exactly like everyone elses."
Giles Goodman
It works so much better
"It works so much better than a stone. Very impressed."
Clive Rowlands
Does the job excellently.
"I bake bread most days so have left the steel permanently in the oven (I have a heater/range cooker). It does the job really well and the peel is a great tool for sliding the bread onto the steel. Very,very heavy which is why it's a bonus I can leave it in there. Very pleased overall. Yet to try a pizza!"
Jane Saunders
How did I live without my Pizza Steel for so long?
"The Pizza Steel is easy to season and use. I’ve used it to make home made pizzas and home made sourdough bread so far with excellent results. My main oven broke so I’ve only got a small convection oven and even in this little oven, the steel heats up beautifully and bakes evenly. I’m really pleased with the results and I do find the two peels extremely useful for getting the pizza and bread in and out of the oven without having to move the steel at all. Thank you for bringing this product to the UK; I started to think the only place I could get one was from the USA!"
Georgina Wong
Best Pizza I have ever made.
"This is a really really good product. I have previously used a baking stone which is OK, but the steel takes it to a whole new level! I got the larger size which fits perfectly in my oven, and can now make really big pizzas with ease! If you are a pizza lover, then this is definitely a worthwhile investment. I have never had results as good as this from many years of making my own pizza, and so glad that I purchased the combo package. Everything from the ordering process, delivery speed, customer service and most importantly the product has been top notch! The quality is such that I'll be looking forward to many years of pizza heaven to come! Thanks Brian and team"
Peter Milmine
Pizza tray
"Great it was a gift and the person loved it"
Jane Simpson
Pizza Steel
"Gtear product, perfect crust and bottom every time "
Andrew Christie
"Works perfectly as advertised"
J House
So good I bought two!
"I already had a rectangular pizza steel which gives superb results and got the round one for pizza cooks on a Kamado Joe. So much better than a pizza stone at transferring the heat to the pizza. Highly recommended!"
Peter Collins
Pizza steel combo
"Just perfect, cooks the pizza with a lovely crust five stars every time."
Malcolm Gobey
Great pizzas
"The aga edition pizzas steel has transformed my brad and pizza cooking - just great!"
Mark Morrison
Fantastic Pizza
"My overall experience of The Pizza Steel was excellent. The pizza was cooked to perfection . The pizza was just the right texture and tasted wonderful. The peel is an useful aid to transfer the pizza. I also baked a sourdough loaf on The Pizza Steel this too turned out very well. Buy one you won't regret it!"
Frances Murphy
Simply the Best!
"Having purchased pizza stones in the past only for them to crack and be returned under warranty I was hopeful when the Pizza Steel Combo arrived. It sits patiently on the lower rack in the oven, even when not in use and in a little over 2 weeks we've already used it countless times both for pizza and loaves, each time with superb results. On one particular occasion I had to convince my wife that I hadn't purchased an artisan loaf and tried to pass it off as my own. In short, i'm immensely impressed with the Pizza Steel and would recommend it to anyone as opposed to a pizza stone; thanks guys."
Gary Wicks
Best pizza crust
"Best pizzas ever with nice thin and crispy crust."
Steven Connolly
fantastic piece of kit, i've now bought 2 !
"i've been making pizzas from Tony Gemignani's "Pizza Bible", he recommends using 2 pizza steels at a time. we now eat the best pizzas we've ever tasted (purely down to following his detailed recipies and using these super steels ) I dont need to use any baking paper, just crank the oven up for an hour , they just bake on the steels . best and most handy kitchen equipment i've ever invested in Graeme "
graeme Cairns
"This was a gift for my son who loves cooking. He has been thrilled to bits with the pizza steel and also used it for baking bread. Wonderful everyone should have one. "
Susan Schneeberger
Pizza steel
"Fantastic super quick delivery. Easy to navigate the online shop. The combo deal is too good to miss. Thank you!"
Sheelpa Shah
fab bit of kit
"brilliant and easy to use"
graeme Cairns
Pizza Steel combo
"Cooks excellent pizzas in approx 7 mins. The peels are really useful and let you make the whole pizza before sliding them in, a definite advantage. Highly recommend. "
Amanda Kilpatrick
The Pizza Steel
"Excellent product. Cooked Pizza to perfection."
Connie Davage
Pizza stone
"I have looked all over to find something to fit my oven that doesn't buckle at high temperatures. The pizza stone is so perfect for bread & pizza baking. Hopefully it will last a lifetime! Great to finally find something fit for purpose."
Dee Hembury-Eaton
wow what amazing pizzas it makesjust started to have a go with other stuff
"Really impressed with the results took a few goes to get the temperature right but now making better pizzas that any we have had before. The boards to make the pizza on then slip on to steel are great just remember to use plenty of polenta so it slides easily Would recommend this to all my friends so quick and easy really in minutes great for my teenagers sleep over teas as they can all make a pizza to suit their taste"
Ruthanne Lyne
My pizzas just got so much better!
"I've been making pizzas and pizza dough at home for years. The trick is getting the base cooked through particularly with thick base pizzas without overcooking the topping. I've used pizza stones and they never seemed to quite deliver the goods on the base. However the pizza steel has changed all that! Great pizza ever time!!"
Andrew Baxter
Totally amazing
"I absolutely love The Pizza Steel. I enjoy making my own pizzas but normal ovens are just not hot enough to form a crispy base - the Pizza Steel solves this and the crusts are amazing! Totally recommend."
Richard Kelly
Very good purchase & quick service
"I have no complaints about the website, and my purchase. My pizza steel combo arrived very quickly, and the pan is very good. I tried to make a pizza already, and the pizza steel pan is very good, just my pizza making skills need to improve, as I was struggling to transfer my ready to bake pizza in the oven. All in all, very good purchase!"
Laura Tamasauskaite
It's worth every pound (of steel)
"We are very happy with the Pizza Steel, despite it being rather heavy, the pizza came out with a nice bottom every single time! Would highly recommend to anyone who fancy making their own pizza at home!"
Emily Tsui
Excellent piece of kitchen kit
"Customer service is amazing and I'm very impressed with my new pizza steel. I've tried pizza stones in the past and they've either broke or sat unused I've been frightened to use them incase they break whilst in use, but the steel I'm very confident and know I get perfect results everytime. The pizza, garlic bread and sourdough bread are the best ever - it makes me make everything from scratch as it's such a pleasure to use and know I'm getting first class results every time. Just wish I'd heard about the pizza steel earlier - thanks so much :-) "
Louise Burns
absolutely necessary!
"You NEED to have this if you want to make your own pizza in the oven at home!! "
Sam Sonino