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Crispy Bases
"Delivery was smooth and quick - pizza bases lovely and crisp"
It does what it says on the t̶i̶n̶ steel
"Previously used a ceramic stone, which cracked. The Pizza Steel produces a superior pizza, and will never crack. Very happy with purchase."
David Molloy
Great Pizza Steel
"The pizza steel is fantastic, it holds the heat of the oven and it makes great pizzas. Best thing for making pizzas at home "
Keith McMath
"The steel is great, having seasoned it and using it regularly I couldn’t be without it. Thanks! "
Angie Grima
great product
"Really excellent experience"
Philip Cox
Makes great pizza
"We are so happy with the pizza steel we bought. It makes great pizza and it gets the kids involved with making dinner. Also, great customer service. We had a minor issue and Brian sorted it out quickly. I highly recommend."
Tammie Rhee
New Pizza steel
"Still in the process of seasoning the steel, but so far it has been delivering excellent pizzas"
Jim Reddington
Finally I can make restaurant quality pizzas at my home
"It's amazing, I can finally get a crispy dough thanks to the temperature reached on the pizza steel. I recommend putting it as close as possible to the base of the oven."
Vicente Olivert Riera
Just the job for sourdough bread
"I bought the 1+2 combo (pizza steel, 2 x pizza peel and dough cutter) on the recommendation of the person ran the sourdough workshop where I leaned about sourdough bread baking. I’m really pleased with it, it gives great results and I like that the peels match the size of the steel, so it’s easy to arrange your loaves on the peel and know that they will fit. Great customer service, a very tiny problem with the dough cutter that only an obsessive would notice was quickly sorted out. I’ve not used this for pizza yet, just for bread, but I’m sure it will be great for that as well and should last a lifetime. Highly recommended. "
John Argyle
Highly recommend
"Must have for any pizza nerd. Better crust and no chance of it splitting like most stones after awhile."
Matthew Green
Pizza/Bread Making- Essential Equipment!
"I've been making pizza and bread for the last few years and bought a few pieces of equipment before I came to the Pizza Steel. Like many others I initially used a baking stone to improve the the cook on the bottom of my breads. This made a marginal difference did improve the final product but the bottom was never as well cooked as the rest. I was made aware of the pizza steel by French Guy Cooking on youtube. This was just after my pizza stone cracked in two during a bake so I was open to ideas. The results are remarkable! Treating the steel is as easy as wiping the top down with a little olive oil. My first bake was a white loaf. The final result was the first time I've had as good a bake on the bottom as the rest of the loaf. Second time round I cooked a pizza and, again, the bottom of the base was cooked perfectly. It also saw the pizza rise much better around the crust but this could have been coincidence. Something else I've noticed is that nothing has stuck to the steel. Everything has been baked without any flour or oil (beyond the initial treatment) and it's all moved freely. The steel is heavy so be careful but if you use two hands you'll be absolutely fine. The steel also retains heat incredibly well so never assume it's cool. My oven is relatively old so cooks at about 20C below the target temp so I'd imagine, with a hotter over, the steel could achieve easy charring if you wanted. Overall, it's 100% worth the price. It'll last forever and make a marked difference to you bake without much practice."
Joshua Wicks
great product - caring support
"beautifully presented steel and associated bits which are perfect for the oven - steel seems easy to treat and straightforward to use"
Graham Kelly
Great multi use product
"Whilst sold as primarily for baking pizzas, this steel can do so much more. In a cook off between my old pizza stone and the steel, there is no comparison, the pizzas cook faster leading to more rise in the crusts and a less dense pizza. However this is also great for baking, and so far I have baked English Muffins, French baguette and loaves on the steel, all with fantastic results. This is a great product that I have no doubts will be very durable and would highly recommend. "
Thomas Knowles
Perfect for pizza!
"Gets the oven nice and hot for baking pizza. Easy to clean afterwards. "
Pizza steel and peel
"The pizza steel is great! The pizzas come out lovely and crispy with soft doughy crusts. We’re looking forward to trying some bread. The peel is also a great way to manoeuvre the pizzas, we were using cardboard sheets before! Excellent customer service to boot. Highly recommend "
Game changer!
"I like to cook but have never really made pizza as it just wasnt ever quite right - this changes the game! Buy one of these and search the web for the 72hour no need pizza dough recipe and you will feel like you have been transported to Naples in an instant - dont blame me when you get FAT :)"
Christian Raihani
Very happy
"Happy with the product but ….I’m now eating too many seriously good pizzas…..Service was also very good."
Rory Wyndham-Quin
Good quality, great results
"Does the job really well, very pleasing results "
Greg Cobb
"I had high hopes having read the reviews but was expecting to be slightly disappointed as I had read everywhere that domestic ovens just can’t get hot enough to make decent pizza. Well the internet is wrong! Just used the pizza steel for the first time and the pizzas we made were perfect. Better than the majority of pizzas I’ve had at restaurants in Italy and very very close to what you get with a wood fired oven (just missing the char on the crust but might experiment with a steel above to get that). And the peels work really well too. Worth every penny. If I’d known how well it worked I would pay double "
Phil Harris
I’m loving it!
"I’ve just used it today (conditioned with olive oil as recommended before first use). Baked tartine loaves and sourdough crackers and I must say it is superb. Best heat distribution for my loaves and crackers ever!"
Nicole Chung
Pizza steel purchase
"We purchased the pizza steel combo and though we had a few issues with quality to start with our concerns were dealt with efficiently and we are now extremely happy with our steel. We have now used it and it is definitely worth the price. The pizza we made was brilliant, much better compared to the pizzas we used to make on our previous stone. We would highly recommend this product. "
Jennifer Treadgold
Worth the cost
"I use the steel for both Pizza and Sourdough. It really does make a difference, and I would certainly say that if you make a lot of your own bread then its worth the original outlay!"
Jake Morris
Gourmet Pizzas for Life
"I'm very happy with the Pizza Steel and I'm glad I bought it because my pizzas and breads are now consistently good. To improve the product, I would chamfer the edges because they are quite sharp, and reduce the cost a tad because steel is a relatively inexpensive material."
Oscar Sande
Telling everyone about this bit of kit
"A genuine pleasure to deal with this company! I ordered the steel combo kit with a known delay and was happy to wait! To my surprise it not only turned up ahead of schedule, but was a kit of superb products packaged and delivered well. I believe that part of the purchase of any item can be let down by poor packaging, delivery, customer service etc and was aware that because all of my expectations had been met in this area that the quality of the actual product might actually be a let down!!! Nope!!! The quality and the finish of the steel, peels and even the dough chopper was quite remarkable. The guide whilst brief is handy for keeping, not that you need too and just tells it like it is! If you hadn’t guessed I’m a fan;) so far my partner and I have had amazing pizza of course and a whole host of other breads including soda bread and Fougasse. Can’t wait to use it every time as it just seems to add something to the food!"
Tony Miles
Great results!!
"This product produces perfect, consistent results for me. Using the two peels works very well. The trick is to prepare transfer and bake the pizza on parchment paper as this significantly increases the speed of the placing and retrieving the pizza's thus keeping the all important heat in the oven. "
Darren Wolfenden
Sourdough bread
"Just used the pizza steel to make a sourdough loaf. Brilliant result and very pleased- gave a good rise to the bread."
Keith Magee
Excellent Product
"I've used it three or four times now. Twice for pizza and twice for a normal tinned loaf of bread. The pizza's cooked quickly and the base was lovely and crisp all over. No more soggy centres.... The tinned loaves cooked nice and evenly and had great lift."
Angus Walker
Great heavy Pizza Steel
"Quite surprised just how good the steel is. I've only used it twice but the crust on my Pizzas have improved dramatically (previously used a stone)"
Lewis Braid
Excellent piece of kit - had raised the game for home made pizzas!
"Super quality, great service and speedy delivery. Exactly as described and easy to use following the instructions for oiling it to season beforehand. Have used a handful of times already and delighted with the results - highly recommended!"
Mark Effingham
Perfect pizza
"Having had two stones break i bought this steel which is clearly going to last a lifetime. Steel heats up quicker and the pizza base is certainly crispier. Expensive, but very please with the purchase."
Zenith Wilson