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Really good choice
"Was thinking of getting this steel for a while and also contemplated somehow cutting it myself. I now bought and tested it and am very happy. With a 250 C oven I get baking times of around 4-6 minutes for a very tasty pizza. Can recommend it."
Paul Saary
Makes pizza so easy
"High quality products (both the steel and the peel) and so easy to use. We have already had several successful pizzas from it and home-made pizzas are now a weekly event at our house."
Philip Halton
Really excellent
"Having only had it a short time there is a limited depth I can go into. With that said the immediate results of the first few experimental uses were quite staggering. I was indeed so impressed that I purchased a second as a gift for someone in under a week."
Toby Philp
I may never buy pizza again
"Great product and undoubtedly THE solution to getting pizzeria quality pizzas at home. I use mine under a medium grill, 10 minutes to heat up, 4 minutes to cook — perfection!"
David Sutherland
"Be sure to season and then to let it heat up for as long as you can. "
Gregory Bateman
"The steel works amazingly well for sourdough, cooks quicker and with a much nicer crust on the base. Not yet tried it for pizza but i know it will work well. Well worth following the "seasoning" process as this adds an even colour and non-stick properties to the steel. Then the company, WOW what a joy. Items were delivered as described and when i asked a question the response was immediate and incredibly satisfying. Top notch product, top notch customer service. "
Toby Horton
Fantastic pizza!!
"Great results with the pizza steel, perfectly crispy base. Highly recommended!"
Pauline LY
Great purchase
"I bought the steel to use for making sourdough. It is brilliant, heats up well and gives a good crust to the bottom of my loaves. Recommend it "
Michele Chapman
Never order pizza again.
"Thanks to my steel, my pizzas are so much better (and healthier than dominoes. Made with a mix wholemeal and plain flour with fresh tomatoes and a sensible amount of topping they are practically a health food. All possible because the steel cod the to PERFECTION. The slide is a no brainer. Works well. Takes up zero kitchen space. You will not find better. Just wear oven gloves."
David Benson
"Made the best home cooked oven pizza ever - can’t recommend highly enough - prompt delivery good communication "
Lynne Boner
Love this steel
"The steel is a solid and professional piece of kitchen equipment which has improved the finished bread, pizza, scones I’ve baked with it. I would certainly recommend it. "
Lynda Tubbs
Happy I bought one.
"It definitely creates a crispier base. You can cook larger pizzas- if it fits on the peel it fits on the steel. Pizza cooks 2-3 minutes quicker. I was using a pizza stone previously and have wanted a steel for ages. Now I use them together by putting the stone on the rack above to create heat deflection- I think it works. If you’re thinking of buying one buy the largest one if your oven is wide enough, makes sense to do this as you have more cooking space. The baking paper is a bit of a bind to add to the process but works well. Overall very pleased with it. "
Ben Vuckovic
Great improvement on my pizza stone
"I bought this after being unsatisfied with the results from my pizza stone. I'm pleased to say this is a great improvement though admittedly I've not been able to replicate charring results you get from a wood fire oven. Nonetheless if you're serious about making quality pizza from your home oven this is a essential piece of kit. I recommend copying the technique used for the sourdough pizza recipe in the perfect loaf website. Enjoy those pizzas!"
David Myint
Great results
"I'd had problems in the past with soggy base pizzas by cooking them on a cold baking tray. These are now in the past, the dough cooks to a perfect crisp finish and you can tell the difference the second the pizza is in the oven by how fast it begins to rise. Would absolutely recommend this to any pizza fan "
Thomas Robinson
Better baking
"My new Pizza Steel has been fired up and tested and on each use has definitely improved my bread and pizza making. Thanks S"
Steve Keeling
Why didn't I buy it sooner?!
"Brilliant! Should have bought this sooner. I've been though several ceramic pizza stones and should have just gone straight for this. My bread is amazing! It's sits quietly in the oven and I simply love it. Pies, quiches, biscuits, bread, perfect. Thanks! "
Heidi Fforde
great product!
"Have been baking on the steel for a month now and happy to say that it produces excellent results. As long as it has a good amount of time preheating, it really bakes well!"
Sean Chambers
"Not used it yet as I have been in limbo moving house "
brian McKinnon
Great product
"Really happy with this. It works really well in my oven at 270 degrees. A nice crispy bottom to the pizza"
David Milne
Next level pizza and bread
"Great way to up your baking game"
Andreas Emmanouilidis
Pizza steel
"Great looking and sturdy product. For me and my kids a big step up from the previous pizza stone that cracked. Pizza definitely at a higher level."
Matt Field
A wonderful product!
"This thing is great - I made the best pizza I've ever made with this (and I make pizza every week). I even used it as a plancha and got excellent searing on meat! Really good, and the peels are excellent as well!"
Daniel Zoran
"Having had two Pizza stones break in the oven whilst cooking Pizzas, I was researching why that happens, and came across the Pizza Steel. I wish I'd found it sooner, having just cooked the best Pizza I've ever made, with a really crispy bottom. So much better than either of the stones, and I can't see it breaking any time soon ! All I have to do now is work out how to get a proper oven spring into my bread, using this excellent addition to my kitchen."
Chris White
Loving Round Pizza Steel
"Very good - short delivery time - delivered on date as promised - works as it says it should and great crispy bottomed-pizzas - better than pizza stone"
Diane Castle
"For some years now I have been using a thick porous floor tile as my pizza stone, which I thought worked pretty well. After replacing it with the pizza steel, I found out how wrong I was! The steel retains the heat when the oven door is opened and closed which results in a beautifully uniform, crisp base. Best pizzas I have ever made, just ask my family! Unreservedly recommended if you want to take your pizza to the next level. If you think it is quite a lot of money to spend, so did I.......until I saw the results. Absolutely great."
Nigel Darling
Yum yum Pizza and everything else.
"Not just for Pizza, mines being used daily, once preheated I stand everything on it to aid bottom heating (ohhh misses) beautiful pies, crispy chips, lower temp slow cooking and of course yummy pizza. I just need to practice the peel to toss my loaves, very tasty but by the time I've got them to slide the shapes lost, I'm sure loads of practice will sort this. The service from these guys is fab."
Ruth Harrison
Excellent for baking bread
"I now have 2 of these steels which have really made a difference to my sourdough baking by converting my domestic oven into a more commercial oven for a more professional bake. Its really improved oven rise and crust too. A must for home bread bakers! "
Raquel Farrington
Better than stone!
"Having previously used pizza stones, this is a big improvement. The steel gets a lot hotter, leading to a very crispy base and blistering in the dough - perfect! It also doesn't absorb oil/fat and then proceed to smoke excessively like stone does."
Tim Castle
It's wonderful!
"Never eaten better pizzas at home!"
Will Thong
Pizza Perfect
"Our pizza base has never been as good."
Clive Monk