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Not only excellent for pizzas!

The Pizza Steel Combo
Steel is about 18 times better at absorbing, storing and transferring energy (heat) than stone.

This is the "secret" behind the incredible baking power of our Pizza Steel. Your pizza will develop a spring and crust as if it came out of an expensive wood fired stone oven, and your breads, bread rolls and baguettes will get a similar "kick" from the steel, finally enabling you to compete with your local bakery!

Take a look at this short video, where you can take a look into our own 10 year old ordinary home oven - spiced up by The Pizza Steel :-).


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Pizza Steel offer

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The Pizza Steel is Virtually indestructible

No more broken pizza stones!

Have you ever experienced the frustrating moment, when your new expensive pizza stone broke into two or more pieces?

With The Pizza Steel you will never ever experience this again.

We give you a 10 year long "it definitely won't break" guarantee on The Pizza Steel. 

It will most likely last a lifetime or two anyway ;-).

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Baking steel review

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Do you know the feeling?

The Pizza Steel Baker

Do you know the feeling, when you pull a perfect bread out of your oven. Perfect crust, perfect spring, just like you know it from your favorite bakery?

If not, then The Pizza Steel can help you experience moments like that, and share the results with the ones you love.

The Pizza Steel took my baking to another level, and I'm sure the same will be the same for you!

Signature Pizza Steel Baker

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Door to door delivery - Free returns - UK/EU wide

As a standard, we now offer inexpensive tracked delivery by Hermes and DHL. Should you still be in doubt, our 30 days free return policy should certainly give you piece of mind :-).

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Living in another country? 

Don't worry - we offer fast tracked delivery, and FREE return, should you for any reason regret your purchase. We will ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain (including the Canary Islands).

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New improved version!

New improved pizzasteel

Since we sold our first Pizza Steel in Denmark, May 2015, we have spend a lot of time testing various steel types and dimensions.

In doing so, we discovered (much to our own surprise) that thicker wasn't automatically better. If you want a baking steel that will be excellent in both pizza making and bread baking, the steel has to have the right dimension. Too thin, and it won't store enough heat for the demanding initial stage when the dough hits the steel and absorbs heat from the steel. Too thick, and it will have a hard time recharging after the demanding initial fase of baking, since the top of the steel is covered with dough, it can only absorb new heat from the buttom of the steel. The thicker the steel, the further the harder the recharging.

So, after testing 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12 mm steels extensively for several months, 2 winners emerged from our tests:

The 6 mm and 8 mm steels both delivered excellent results.

..and since the 6 mm steel at 6.5 kg, weighs about 2 kg less than the 8 mm, and therefore is a lot easier to handle, we have now settled on the 6 mm Pizza Steel.

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Only baking steel shipped from the UK

The Pizza Steel is designed and produced in Denmark, but your order will be handled exclusively by The Pizza Steel Company Ltd, and shipped to you from our fulfillment facility in Milton Keynes. Easy, fast and convenient.

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*To apply for a free return, you have to contact us before attempting to return your parcel. UK customers hand in their parcel at their local MyHermes parcel shop.


Create a perfect crust in your own oven!